Build your own

You choose what goes in
Here you’ll find the best of the best. We have limited edition gifts, premium products and new products that will blow you away. The difficulty is deciding what to put in there!
You deserve to be remembered. Whether it’s a loved one, special occasion, or just a really good friend, how you celebrate is as important as the reason itself. Choose a box, fill it with any combination of treats. After you’ve made that perfect treat combination in the Curate Your Own Box builder tool, we’ll then pack and ship it off for you.
To curate that bespoke, one - of - a - kind, tailored to perfection gift box, just take these 4 steps to get started:

Wooden Box $29.00
Tumbler $25.00
Handmade Towel $15.00 $19.00
Makeup bag $10.00
Mirror from $6.00
Lip tint $12.95
Edibles from $4.99