Bottled Cocktails

Foxtails bottled cocktails are single cocktails made for the good times.

Each bottle is handcrafted using our premium spirits infused with real fruit and organic botanicals. 

1. Negroni is spice rich with intense citrus. This classic style gin cocktail is seriously satisfying. Perfect for drinking late into the evening while catching up with those mates that you just don’t get to see often enough. Or any evening for that matter.

110ml | 18% Alc/Vol | 1.1 STD drinks

2.Vodka & Espresso  the Espresso Foxtail is made using undeniably smooth vodka and a cold brew espresso enriched with delicious hints of cocoa, vanilla, nutmeg and a hint of hazelnut. A welcome addition at any gathering, shindig or party.

3. Blood orange Blood Orange is citrusy spin on your classic vermouth cocktail and it’s deep baby. It has a trifecta of fruity, spicy and savoury characters. Perfect for date nights and dinner parties.

110ml | 13% Alc/Vo  | 1.1 STD drinks

4.Cranberry Peach  Cranberry Peach Foxtail is totally tantalizing. Sweet and tart berries mingle with perfectly ripe peaches. Great for boozy brunch with the girls and summer party vibes all year round.

110ml | 13% Alc/Vol | 1.1 STD drinks