Bundle of joy

The perfect way to celebrate the joyous occasion of the new arrival. This is a thoughtful gesture includes a bountiful assortment of indulgences for the mum and the baby. The pack is in neutral colour makes it a perfect gift for a baby boy or girl.

  • Cotton top: Beautifully designed and made short sleeve body suite for baby boys or girls. It’s made of soft nature coloured cotton. Envelope neckline style body suite is suitable for infants and toddlers.
  • Baby shoes: Leather newborn shoes with hard bottom size 11.5 cm. non slippery soles makes it safe, comfortable, and supportive of the babies’ feet. It is suitable for babies 0-1-year-old. Anti-odour, breathable, light weight and high in quality. PU leather outer makes it suitable for all seasons.
  • Baby blanket: Soft and comfortable baby blanket made of 100% cotton knitted, suitable for baby boy or a baby girl. 
  • Pacifier clip links with crochet, wooden and silicon beads. 
  • Rag doll: Make this bundle even more special with a handmade rag doll. These dolls are made one at a time and they are all different from one to another. Sophitik handmade dolls are heirloom pieces that can be loved and treasured for many years.
  • Chocolate: handmade chocolates by Only mine “seriously beautiful, seriously delicious. All handmade with real ingredients.”
  • Hand written notecard with the message of your choice