Getaway (Her)

What better way to show your friends and loved ones that you’re thinking of them on their special day than with a hand-picked and handmade bag full of luxurious and handmade items? We’ve selected a tempting array of goodies including a hand woven cotton rope bag 100% organic to ensure their special day goes off with a bang! 

This is an amazing gift pack for anyone in your life that loves to be beach. It's perfect for your girlfriend or wife, sister, mother, co-worker, etc.

All items are made of 100% natural material and cruelty free. The hair scrunchie does not cause hair breakage when you wrap your hair in it.

The planner is very cute and colorful so you can use it throughout the year, not just when it's beach season. The honey is ethically sourced from Australia so you couldn't ask for anything healthier than that!

Get this awesome beach bag today!


hand woven bag with 100% cotton rope


Hand loomed, hand woven towel 47 x 90 cm


Planner undated


100% mulberry silk scrunchie and pouch
Almond milk chocolate 85 gram in a box

Beechworth honey with wooden dipper 45 gram


Complementary note card with a message of your choice. Please add your message at the checkout in note section.