Handmade Incense Holder

A beautiful way to burn incense, this incense holder is handmade . The artisan who made it works with other women and earns an honest wage for her product. This incense holder is gorgeous enough to display on a mantelpiece or coffee table, where each character is designed to make an impression that stretches beyond the functionality of simple incense holder.

  • Lady in green shirt: 6h x 5w x 5 L (cm) Cone incense 
  • Man with orange scarf: 4h x 6 w x 9.5L (cm) stick incense
  • Man in blue shirt: 9h x 7w x 2 L (cm) stick incense
  • Lady with blonde hair : 8h x 4w x 25 L (cm) stick incense
  • Lady in orange shirt 8h x 6 w x 5 L (cm) stick incense
  • Mexican man : 8h x 4w x 10L (cm) cone incense

 You're unique. Dare to be different with our beautiful incense holder. This is not a typical incense holder. It's a unique piece of art that makes it look stunning on your coffee or side table.


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