Macramé Decor

Lion 🦁 macramé wall hanging for nursery decoration

If you are decorating the nursery or just redesigning the kids bedroom in any style, but particularly bohemian style, this macramé handmade lion is for you.
  • 100% cotton and made by hand
  • Large size :  32x32 cm that is the main part and the fringe is 9 cm on top
  • This is a perfect decoration for any nursery or playroom
  • Each macramé wall hangings are made with love by hand and from premium grade yarn.

The lion mane can be brushed using any bristle brush to detangle and straighten.

There is a hoop at the back to hand the lion up on the wall and as it only weighs less than 1 kg, any pin would keep that on the wall.

These are all make with care and passion and presented with the sort of pride that befits a marvelously well - made item.

Items like these are increasingly difficult to come by in a world where a premium is placed on speed, and things are made to be disposable.

What you will notice once you get one of our handmade products is the significant and noticeable difference between cheap, mass produced products and hand - crafted, carefully detailed one like this macramé lion.

Please let me know if you have any questions

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