Saffiano Leather card holder

Saffiano leather is highly durable, scratch-resistant, can repel water and stains and as such is easy to clean. Least of all, it is absolutely unmistakable as a hallmark of a quality leather product.
For your father's birthday, thank him for always being there for you. For you mom, give her a little reminder to keep her thoughts chasing after you ;) Whatever it is, make it theirs with Gold embossing on the front of this card holder. Or simply give it as a gift - they will love that it can replace their big and bulky wallet. It holds up to 4 cards and several bank notes.
These card holders were designed to be minimal, compact and very useful. It's not a wallet; it is the answer to those who have a problem with their big and heavy wallets. This card holder which can replace your wallet holds up to 4 cards and several bank notes. This card holder is made of genuine leather, with an elegant finish/details that make it very special.