Handmade Towel

Hand loomed towel for kitchen or personal use. Made of 100% cotton and natural dyes. Pre washed and super soft, mini towel is the right choice for your kitchen, bathroom or even at a spa. Restyle your living space with a decorative hand woven towel made by traditional master weavers.
Coming from the traditional loom in Turkey, this exquisite soft hand loomed towel is vigorously washed and dried using handmade electronic machines. This allows for better quality towels, which are not only absorbent but also dwindle with time and washing. The towel is premium quality which makes it a wonderful gift due to its high-quality materials and handmade craftsmanship!
  • Mini Towel 100% cotton and 100% handmade
  • 50 x 100 cm + fringes and approximately 100 gram
  • Pre washed and super soft
  • Hand loomed, old technique machine is used to make these towels so they are more durable than the ones that are woven with automatic machines.
  • Very light, high absorbency
  • various colors


We recommend to all individual customers before initial use soaking towels in cold water over night and hang to dry.  This allows cotton fibers to bloom and begin to reach its maximum absorbency.  Natural towels (IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE TO DRY YOURSELF) need additional soaking and/or additional washes.  Since our product is pre-washed, it has of course better absorbency.  But still you can use these hints to get the better result.  

If threads are snagged and pulled out, simply cut the thread off.  This will not damage integrity of your piece.

 Tip:  If you ever over-dry your towels and notice a decrease in absorbency, simple repeat soaking process outlined above.

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