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    Finding unique and interesting ways to thank your staff at the end of the year can always be a little challenging. This is because many people have different tastes. This is why we’ve selected items that will appeal to everyone.
    So, if you want to stay away from the standard humdrum gift basket and give your staff something that truly appeals, then go for a premium hamper from Sophistik.
    Fine Suite from $139.50
    A milestone $129.50
    Lux pack $189.50
    Rustic Pack $139.50
    Brew Deluxe $179.50
    Brew $89.50
    Gold & Navy $119.50
    C'est Chic from $94.50
    Serinity Box $129.50
    Crafted $94.50
    Family Pack $149.50
    Lux Suite $119.50