Sophistik Baby

Sophistik presents a unique collection for you. We have handpicked exquisite gifts from different corners of the world at the best prices in the market. We also go that extra mile to bring to you an exclusive range that’s not available anywhere else.

It is clear that you are an individual who genuinely cares for the people around you. You can see beyond the conventional to find something unusual and unique. We, at Sophistik Handmade Crafts, design our products with that very thought and make sure they last a long time. With top-notch quality material and expertise that go into each product, you can be assured that our crafts will be there for generations to come. Given the importance of family and friends, why not choose something special.

You will find a treasure of the world’s most exquisite handmade gifts here. These heirloom-quality pieces are rare even in the cultures they come from. We work directly with the artisans who handcraft them, and we give back to their communities to ensure a healthy future for generations to come.

Rag doll $29.00
Felt Teddy $10.00
Fox Macrame $69.00
Felt Bear $29.50
Cyan Brown $69.00